VAT SME Knowledge Toolkit

If you're looking for a complete toolkit to ensure your business achieves and maintains VAT compliance, you've come to the right place. Whether you are a small or medium-sized business, local or GCC-based, our Knowledge Toolkit provides all of the necessary information and tools for ongoing VAT compliance. Our toolkit includes 12 modules to help businesses be aware of VAT laws, be prepared, implement and stay compliant in accordance with the publication of new laws or amendments of laws.

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Modules Explained

View all 12 modules and how they will help you prepare, implement and maintain VAT compliance as a business in Dubai or the GCC.

SME Toolkit Content

To find out more about how the SME Toolkit content can help your business in achieving the goal of VAT compliance.

Modules Explained

1. Input / Output Allocation Matrix

An essential matrix showing how common transactions impact VAT and reporting regulations.

2. Readiness Assessment

A thorough assessment tool guiding you through all of the affected business areas. In theory, you should score 100% before go live. This tool is your high level project guide, ensuring you do not overlook any detail.

3,4. Project Management Templates and Project Timeline Toolkit

These detailed, yet simple excel tools serve you well in managing defined project tasks, responsibilities and deadlines.

5. Standard Transaction Listing

This lists all transaction types referenced to each relevant law and categorized into their VAT status.

6. Intra GCC Transaction Matrix

Internal Supplies, as they are known, are treated differently to both local and international supplies and require specific accounting and invoicing. This matrix explains exactly how to manage these complexities.

7. Process Map Samples

Developing your own process maps is very useful to identify VAT touchpoints and ensure correct IT configuration and accounting.

8. IT Configuration Checklist

This checklist ensures that you ask the right questions of your software provider.

9. Standard VAT Documents and Templates

We provide examples of VAT compliant invoices, credit and debit notes as well as a standard VAT clause for contracts

10. VAT Administration Guide

An end to end administration guide including registration, invoicing, filing, payments, records, adjustments, appeals.

11. Staff Training Presentation

A more technical presentation aimed at staff that will be responsible for transactions and compliance.

12. Post Go Live Audit Checklist

VST compliance is not a one-off requirement. This checklist helps you ensure ongoing compliance and avoid the severe penalties.

VAT Laws and Guides

If that isn’t enough, we give you access to the relevant laws with explanatory notes so that you can understand how the laws impact your particular circumstances today and in the future.

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