VAT Services Group offers more than bargained for

The VAT Services Group (VSG) headed up by three experts in the field of accounting, tax and more importantly, VAT is a specialist consultancy firm focused on VAT implementation and administration assistance to businesses in the GCC. With vast amount of experience in the region by all three directors, the group is able to offer expert advise and assistance in VAT-related matters.

The company aims to help businesses in the full management of their VAT, including VAT Readiness, VAT Due Diligence, Implementation and more, to ensure that companies are accurately aware of the legalities and requirements around tax in the region. For a full list of services, please visit our services page.

What is VAT?

VAT is the acronym for value added tax and is the indirect tax based on good and services consumption. Businesses that are turning over more than a specific amount are required to register and charge for VAT on the supply of taxable goods based on a percentage determined by the government. To find out more, visit our VAT page.

VSG follows a four-phase approach when implementing VAT which aims at analyzing, strategizing and planning the implementation, implementing the project and then maintaining thereafter:

  • Phase 1 : VAT Impact Assessment, VAT Project Plan & Strategy, VAT Workshop
  • Phase 2: Detailed design and setup phase
  • Phase 3: Implementation, testing, training, go-live
  • Phase 4: Post implementation support

For more information about what VSG does, contact them at [email protected]




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